A stainless steel eye bolt with threaded bar, nut and washer. Renold Stainless Metal chain needs to be chosen when resistance to chemical action is crucial. Eye bolts will be individually electromagnetic crack examined and mechanically proof load examined on request. We inventory a wide range of stainless-steel eye bolts, together with long shank, swing gate, wood screw with lag thread, and high tensile, heavy duty eye bolts.

Let shining chain accent your designs with the stainless steel 3mm curb chain. Grade 43 Chain – Excessive energy chain, used for tie down applications, such stainless steel chain as transportation tie downs. Stainless Metal-Lifting eye bolts GN 581.5 provide a high load carrying capability and they are examined to meet security standards (security issue 4).

CHROME STEEL chains are only obtainable with the stable THPL therefore if the shopper desires to make use of the Head Protector System on Centre Information and Side Guide chains, a small modification to the sprocket design may be required. Give your designs an attention grabbing foundation with the four.75x4mm stainless steel hammered flat cable chain.

A chrome steel eye bolt with threaded bar, nut and washer. Our stainless-steel eye bolts can be found with a cast thread and cast bolt or welded and can be found in the extremely-high quality ProRig model or high quality Econ brand. Materials : Stainless Metal. Did you scroll all this option to get info about stainless-steel chain?

Eye Bolts Bolts Buy Eye Bolts at Pay your manner. Our employees is obtainable to work with you to help in the selection of the best eye bolts in your application. Chrome steel eyebolts for flying PA and commercial speaker cupboards; M8 threaded, 1.25 mm thread pitch, 32 mm size. Ideal for unloading the load and stress of the anchor from the windlass or for connecting a second anchor chain to the principle chain, providing the same strength because the chain.

Short link chain in selection of 316 marine grade chrome steel (A4-AISI) for exterior and marine use and 304 grade chrome steel (A2-AISI) for inside use. Stainless-steel chain and fittings have excellent corrosion resistance and are widely used in the chemical business and manufacturing industries generally.

Eye bolt with ring: This chrome steel eye bolt is designed to obtain rigging products similar to a wire rope or shackle. AS Collection chains are a wonderful choice for drives requiring both corrosion resistance and high load capacity. Chrome steel chain won’t ever tarnish on you! The lifting eye bolt is not appropriate for frequent rotation cycles under load.

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